This office is responsible for administering State of Florida and University academic policies pertaining to academic record changes, curriculum file management, the degree audit program and University-wide undergraduate graduation requirements. The primary goal of the office is to apply these policies fairly and evenly according to established guidelines, to provide a prompt response to requests from students, faculty, and staff, and to maintain accurate and effective computer records for advisement and graduation certification. Academic record change forms are not available on our website and cannot be requested by phone. Please contact our office for more information on obtaining the necessary paperwork.


• Assist all undergraduate students enrolled in courses.
• Administer the Late Add, Late Drop, Late Withdrawal, Medical Withdrawal, and Late Grade Forgiveness processes.
• Administer the Summer Hour Waiver and application for the Associate in Arts degree.
• Evaluate test and transfer credit for General Education Courses, Gordon Rule and/or Foreign Language.


• Accept admission applications. Please consult Undergraduate Admissions or Graduate Admissions.
• Assist graduate students enrolled in courses. Please contact the College of Graduate Studies for information regarding Late Add, Late Drop, Late Withdrawal, Medical Withdrawal for graduate students.
• Academic advising for majors or minors. Please consult your major's advising office for more information.
• Issue overrides into courses. Please consult your academic advisor or the department in which the course is offered in.