Transfer Evaluation Request

BEFORE SUBMITTING YOUR REQUEST, please run a degree audit through myUCF to make sure that your transfer courses are not already satisfying your General Education, Gordon Rule, and/or Foreign Language requirements.

Please make sure that you have sent your final transcripts from the transfer institution to either Undergraduate Admissions (for incoming students) or the Registrar's Office (for current students).

General Education Program (GEP):
The purpose of the UCF General Education Program (GEP) is to introduce the student to a broad range of human knowledge and intellectual pursuits. To develop the ability to think critically, and to prepare for life-long learning. .

Transfer equivalencies for GEP are based on the course content being equivalent to an acceptable General Education course at UCF
For example: Intro to Psych. or Intro to Soc. are acceptable for General Education Social Science requirement. However, Abnormal Psychology is not acceptable.
Ethics or Logic are too subject specific and not acceptable for Introduction to Philosophy or any Cultural or History requirement.

Gordon Rule: The "Gordon Rule" (State Rule 6A-10.30) applies to students who first enrolled in any college or university after October 1982. The rule requires students to complete four courses (twelve credit hours) of writing and to complete two courses (six semester hours) of mathematics at the level of college algebra or higher.

State University System Foreign Language Requirement Students who have not satisfied the Foreign Language Admission Requirement (two high school units in the same language) at the time they are admitted to the University must satisfy this requirement prior to graduation. This requirement applies to all undergraduates and is separate from the UCF Foreign Language proficiency requirement.

Foreign Language Proficiency requirement (For the Bachelor of Arts Degree:) Click here to view Foreign Language Proficiency Requirement

I have read, understand the requirements as stated above.

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